The Gowanus Canal’s Beacon of HopePhoto by Timothy-Vogel

The Gowanus Canal’s Beacon of Hope

Originally Published: Pacific Standard Magazine • January 20, 2016

It is low tide at the Gowanus Canal. The water near 2nd Avenue and 5th Street is dark green and murky. The smell of rotten eggs wafts through the air; it could be from the untreated human waste that regularly empties into the waterway, or from the noisy industry that burdens its banks. Read more...

Who Owns The Dead? (The New Republic)Photo by MudflapDC

Who Owns The Dead? (The New Republic)

Originally Published: The New Republic • June 25, 2015

“We didn’t have to get in the car, go to the [funeral parlor] in our fancy clothes, and have our grief in the packaged amount of time,” said Beth Barbeau, 52, one of the death midwife’s clients, who cared for her dead mother, Sharon Bailey, at home for two and a half days before she was cremated in a cardboard casket that Barbeau’s young sons decorated. Read more...