Who Owns The Dead? (The New Republic)Photo by MudflapDC

Who Owns The Dead? (The New Republic)

A small but growing group of women like Knox are slowly building a movement to change our modern, big-business approach to death. They call themselves home funeral guides or death midwives.

How (and How Not) to Break Up With a Roommate (TNR.com)Photo by Alli Stancil

How (and How Not) to Break Up With a Roommate (TNR.com)

Once a temporary holdover from college life, platonic cohabitation is now carrying some city dwellers through their twenties and into their thirties. Being a roommate becomes a significant (if subconscious) part of their identities; for those lucky enough to find a stable, long-term roommate setup, it also provides a defining partnership. All of which makes the eventual break-up of these sustained roommate relationships a new rite of passage.