Book talks and excerpts

Scroll down for a few highlighted book talks, and join Copeland for upcoming talks at The Newark Public Library (Aug. 12), The New Haven Free Public Library (Aug. 12), The San Jose Public Library (Aug. 13), and more. She’s spoken recently at The Museum of Jewish Heritage, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, The Yale Club, The Dallas Public Library, The Center for Jewish History, The Bremen Museum in Georgia, We Are Donor Conceived, and elsewhere. (The book has also been excerpted in The Washington Post, Time, Slate, Medium, Fast Company and The Pennsylvania Gazette.)

Museum of Jewish Heritage book talk

Copeland in conversation with journalist and genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn about “The Lost Family”, Copeland’s book on DNA testing, identity and ethnicity. The talk includes discussion of the specific challenges of genetic genealogy for those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Held in June 2020, it drew 702 attendees.

New England Historic Genealogical Society book talk

Copeland in a fascinating hour-long conversation about her book “The Lost Family” with the Wall Street Journal’s science reporter Amy Dockser Marcus. This talk, held in May 2020 by American Ancestors/New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Boston Public Library and WGBH, drew 772 attendees.

On NPR’s ‘Innovation Hub’

On this nationally syndicated NPR program in March 2020, Copeland spoke with host Kara Miller about the range of astonishing human stories that have come out of home DNA testing, a technology with the ability to upend our understandings of our family histories — and ourselves.

On Dani Shapiro’s ‘Family Secrets’ podcast

In this extended May 2020 interview (part one, part two) Libby Copeland and Dani Shapiro, author of the bestselling memoir Inheritance, discuss the age of DNA revelations, how people process the trauma of such discoveries (and why they’re so often glad to know the truth, even when it’s painful), and what it means to come to a profoundly different understanding of the past and one’s own personal history through the secrets revealed by our saliva.