On ‘All Of It with Alison Stewart’

Copeland was a guest on this WNYC program in March 2020 to discuss how the revelations and reckonings of the DNA testing age can affect even those who don’t test, and why this moment of cultural change is important. Stewart called Copeland’s book a “page-turner,” and listeners called in with moving stories and questions.

On the KERA program ‘Think’

The hour-long program of this fascinating NPR radio show ‘Think’ was devoted to a discussion of Copeland’s book “The Lost Family” in March 2020. Copeland and host Krys Boyd explored how DNA testing surprises can alter how we think about ourselves, and listeners called in to share their own resonant and emotional stories.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore book talk

Copeland and genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn discuss home DNA testing, family history surprises and Jewish genealogy in this May 2020 event.

The Yale Club of New York City

A lecture and book talk on how home DNA testing is changing our lives on a broad societal level as well as individually, for millions of Americans, for NYC’s Yale Club in April 2020.

WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show’ and ‘Roundhouse Radio Vancouver’

On Brian Lehrer and Roundhouse Radio in 2017, discussing this widely-read Washington Post feature about how the unexpected consequences of at-home DNA testing are changing how people define family and identity. The story features the tale of Alice Collins Plebuch, whose story was later expanded into “The Lost Family.”