The Washington Post

Below are a handful of more recent pieces. A few of the articles Copeland wrote during the 2008 presidential election include a look at the denigrating rhetoric of how Hillary Clinton became “Poor Hillary,” this take on John McCain during the last hours before the vote (“The king of doggedness, who knows something about patience, and something about being a pain, and whose charm and gall derive from that combination…”), and the unlikely love story of Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, which involved “Indian nuns, a bust of Gandhi, a portrait of ‘conscious light,’ a mystical opal ring," and, naturally, Shirley MacLaine. She also accompanied Johnny Weir on a designer shopping trip during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy (the sight of a knockoff "hurts my feelings," he declared, dropping $1,330), and during the 2005 Michael Jackson molestation trial, she chronicled the shady culture of Neverland – “a hotbed of intrigue and petty theft, disgruntled employees and hangers-on.”